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How do I remove the emblem(s)?
Do a video search for de-badging vehicles. Some techniques are to use fishing line or dental floss to get behind the emblem then slowly pry the emblem off

How do I re-attach the emblem(s)?
If an emblem has become loose or you need to transfer it to another vehicle, email us for new adhesive

Will it damage the paint?
We use 3M double sided adhesive. We have received no complaints of paint being damaged, but it may leave some of the adhesive film when removed. This can be cleaned with an oily product such as baby oil or vegetable oil, then soap and water. This is also good for cleaning tree sap, glue, etc. from your hands.

Do you offer them in color versions?
We have color versions of the most popular emblems

Will you be offering USMC, USAF, Navy, and Coast Guard emblems?
Yes; it depends on the amount of requests we receive

Can I request a certain unit, badge, etc?
Send us an email or post on our Facebook page

Can you do custom emblems?
Yes, the minimum order quantity is 300 pieces, plus set-up costs

What if I have a defective emblem?

Email us a photo and if the emblem is defective we'll replace it